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  • More additives in Synergy™ Extra and Supreme+ to help improve engine performance
  • New service station design to give a clean, fresh and brighter feel
  • Refreshed marketing to communicate fuel offers more consistently and effectively

SAIPAN (September 17, 2019) – Mobil is pleased to launch improved fuel formulations with increased additives at its 11 service stations in Saipan to help provide better fuel economy, help clean up engines and drive improved performance and responsiveness. Our Guam affiliate launched the new Mobil Synergy™ fuels program there earlier this year.

The improved Synergy Extra and Synergy Supreme+ gasoline will be available to all motorists in Saipan at all Mobil services stations from today. Along with the new offering, Mobil has invested to upgrade our forecourt image, so that customers can experience more attractive and brighter service stations, while continuing to enjoy the quality, service, value and convenience that we provide.

Mr Jimmy Hau, President of Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. said: "Our scientists have developed this improved formulation featuring the latest in global fuel technology, so that our customers can get more out of their drives."

"As an integral part of the new Synergy program, Mobil service stations are receiving a new look to provide customers with an enhanced overall station experience," he added.

Key features of the new forecourt image are the Wave, Blade, Koala and Number Wedge. These design elements form a coordinated look to reduce clutter throughout the forecourt, and help consumers focus on our fuels quality and marketing messages.

Mr Hau added: "The image upgrade includes innovative design elements to communicate fuel offers more consistently and effectively to customers. We are always looking for ways to better serve our consumers and these changes were made to enhance our consumers’ buying experience."

Mobil and its affiliates have been members of the Saipan community for over 50 years and we are constantly working to innovate and provide a higher quality offering to our customers.

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Media contacts:
Catherine Leon Guerrero
Mobile: +1 671 648 3555

SAIPAN – Mobil has donated US$20,000 to the American Red Cross' efforts in Saipan, to support the island's continuing recovery efforts following the devastating effects of Typhoon Soudelor.

The money will be going towards both short and long-term response programs, to tackle health issues and the continuing reconstruction of homes and key infrastructure, in partnership with the Red Cross and Long-Term Recovery Committee, said the Red Cross.

Mr. Charles Ewart, President of Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc., presented the check to Mr. John Hirsh, Executive Director, American Red Cross (Northern Mariana Chapter), at the Red Cross' office in Saipan earlier today (23Sep).

At the informal presentation ceremony, Mr. Ewart, said: "Mobil is glad to be able to do our part for the Mariana Island community in their time of need.

The Red Cross has been working on various programs to support continuing recovery efforts, such as providing aid to vulnerable families, as well as working with schools to provide disaster preparedness totes for students. Apart from raising awareness of the importance of always being prepared, these totes will contain emergency supplies, and other critical items, for the students and their families."

He added: "Mobil's primary role is to provide reliable supplies of fuel to communities all around the world. To that end, our teams worked hard following Typhoon Soudelor, to overcome the challenges at our terminal, so that we could resume supplies of fuel to the service stations and the community.

I'm proud of the team of workers and employees at the Saipan terminal, and across our network here. Their commitment underlies Mobil's commitment, as a company, to our key role of providing fuel, and enabling daily lives."

In appreciation of the donation, Mr. Hirsh, said: "The American Red Cross continues to support recovery efforts that we expect will take some time. The impact of the typhoon has been wide-ranging.

We are pleased and proud that we've received the support of various organizations, including Mobil Oil Mariana Islands. The donation that they have made will go a long way to restore the lives of the various people impacted by the disaster."